I like to edit and I like to laugh. I have 10 years experience as an editor working across commercials and content, feature films, short films, docs and music videos. I started out in commercials, veered off into the world of small indie features, then big studio movies, and now mainly work on whatever takes my fancy. 

Meticulous eye for detail, sharp ear for music and sound design, and a natural knack for compelling storytelling.

I am based in London, UK but can work wherever needed.

  • REMOTE: I can and often do work remotely, with a full edit system setup at home and the ability to securely stream live edit sessions - particuarly useful in times of COVID-19. 
  • AGENCIES & POST HOUSES: In many cases I am asked to work inhouse at an agency, or in a hired edit suite. I have a good relationship with a number of edit houses in London and abroad who facilitate editing in comfortable, client-friendly surroundings.
  • ON SET / LOCATION: Extensive experience editing on set in the UK, Europe and South Africa - and all the technicalities that go with it.

Email alexstwilliams@pm.me